How to Post from Instagram Desktop

8 steps

The long-awaited IG feature — you are finally able to post pictures and videos using a desktop web browser! It was tested for a few months with select accounts, however starting October 21st all Instagram accounts are now able to select filters, edit photos and videos, and have them posted via the desktop web.

Here’s your step by step guide on how to do so:

Step 1

Click the + sign in the top-right menu bar (located between the Messenger icon and the Explore icon).

Step 2

Drag and drop photos and videos or Select From Computer.

Step 3

Select dimension/format by clicking on the lower left arrow icon.

Step 4

You can also create a carousel by clicking on the carousel icon on the lower right side.

Step 5

Next, you can select a filter and make the needed image adjustments.

Step 6

Write your caption, add location, and adjust comments settings.

Step 7

Tag people by clicking on the image.

Step 8

Now you’re ready to share!